Helen Westhrop

Textile artist, printer and animator

About Me

I am Helen Westhrop, printer and artist with an MA in Textiles from the School of Crafts and Design, University of the Creative Arts.

Drawing inspiration from a creative childhood where ‘make do and mend’ was the basis of my discovery of sewing and creation using textiles and found materials. I then moved into a love of fashion and the clothing culture of a wide range of alternative music. I have now developed creatively into a world of Stop-Motion-Animation using a community of ‘Coat Hanger Dolls’ which is now my main area of preoccupation.

My passion is writing, printing drawing and sculpting where I allow my travel experiences and curiosity guide my creative journey which I transcribe and share through my blog. Welcome!

Coat Hanger Dolls

Spinning yarns and yearning for more.